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Impacted by Hurricane Ian and need help? Please visit:

Search for resources at:

For utility, rental, or other housing related assistance please visit:
Catholic Charities
Samuel's House
Florida Keys Outreach Coalition
in Marathon: KAIR
in the Upper Keys: Florida Keys Outreach Coalition
For those 24 years old or younger: FKCS
If you are fleeing domestic violence: DAS or call the 24 hour hotline: (305) 743-4440
If you are in the tourism/hospitality industry: Sister Season


Congratulations to all of our Permanent Housing providers who applied and were ranked by the CoC.  HUD will fund the programs in the following order as determined by score.

1. (99 points) Don Moore Apts. 1 Year Monroe Association of ReMARCable Citizens $114,250 -- PSH PH
2. (97 points) Marty's Place 2022 1 Year A.H. of Monroe Co $31,026 -- PSH PH
3. (91 points) St. Theresa Permanent Housing 1 Year Catholic Charities $97,455 -- PSH PH
4. (88 points) Seebol Place 2022 1 Year A.H. of Monroe Co  $16,635 -- PSH PH
5. (81 points) St. Bede Housing 1 Year Catholic Charities $241,629 -- PSH PH

Rural and Unsheltered Set-Aside 

Congratulations to all providers who submitted projects for  the special funding.

The project rankings resulted as follows:

Sister Season – 55 – funded: $24,018
FKCS property acquisition – 52 – funded: $900,018
Samuel’s House repairs – 46 – funded: $24,017
Samuel’s House food & clothing - 46
Samuel’s House daycare – 44
Samuel’s House rent and utility – 44

FKOC Housing Plus – 50 – funded: $237,535
CRA Emergency Provision and Targeted Outreach – 48 – funded: $276,000
CRA Trauma-informed Services – 48 – funded: $118,500
FKCS expanded outreach – 45

While all the projects are submitted, some of the lower ranked projects shown here do not show an amount as those projects exceeded the award amount that Monroe County might win.

Who We Are

The Monroe County Continuum of Care (CoC) is the lead agency for the coordination and planning of homeless services in the Florida Keys. We are a coalition working with homeless assistance agencies to coordinate the delivery of housing and services to homeless families, individuals, youth, and persons with disabilities.  


Promote community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness,
as well as access to and effective use of mainstream programs that work to optimize self-sufficiency
among the individuals and families.


Develop and implement
community-based strategies to prevent and end homelessness.


Protect rights of the homeless and advocate for access to healthcare and affordable permanent housing.


Support emergency, transitional,
and permanent housing programs and services for individuals and
families who are homeless.


Seek funding for member organizations and local governments to re-house homeless individuals and families rapidly while minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused to homeless individuals and the community.


Subscribe to the United Nations Universal Declaration of
Human Rights that adequate
housing is a basic human right

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The Continuum-of-Care (CoC) has an open invitation
to all community organizations and individuals, whether for-profit or not,
who wish to participate in the strategy for preventing and ending homelessness.
This includes formerly homeless persons and clients currently in programs.
If you cannot attend the meetings of the Board,
we'd still like to hear from you.  Please use the Contact Us form above.

Regular meetings of the Board are held
the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM and are open to the public.
For information concerning the Continuum of Care and its mission,
or to obtain a copy of the meeting agenda, please use the Contact Us form above.

Due to COVID, the meetings are held virtually via Goto Meeting until further notice.  
Please send a message using the Contact Us form above if you would like further information.